Fiction Writing

To Whomever I Become

At present I’m hard at work completing mCover for Book 1y first YA trilogy: To Whomever I Become.

Bekka begins to write to a future version of herself on her fifteenth birthday, right before her goals, her dreams and her life are about to change forever.

Talent is book 1, and will be available to buy on Amazon by the end of this month.

Book 2 is currently in the final editing stage. Book 3 is finished in first draft, but will then require a rigorous edit to complete the series.


I can then start work on my next series. Again,  YA, this will be the subject of my NANOWRIMO entry for 2016. I can’t wait!


The Lucid Journey

I’m so excited about this. Jessica Werner and myself are collaborating on a graphic novel based on a short film we’d made of the same name, and a subsequent virtual play we’ve been performing. More news very soon!