Who I am:

Karen out and about on a cold autumn dayI live in the UK, in a small town in Cheshire, with a couple of grumpy cats and a mountain of books. I teach creative writing to adults attending evening classes at a local college.

I’m currently finishing off Book 3 and editing Book 2 in a trilogy (To Whomever I Become). I can’t wait to get it finished and get started on my next project, which I’m planning to blitz for NANOWRIMO this year. I took part last year, and ended up writing a very dark thriller, which I may bring out next year, though it may need to sit for a while yet.

When not writing, teaching or performing poetry, I love any kind of craft, and always seem to be surrounded by a mountain of materials. I’m really into Zentangles. I taught myself about two years ago in an effort to practice mindfulness, and I absolutely love it!

In addition to creative writing, I’ve also taught Scrivener workshops; Performance technique, and Tangling for mindfulness.